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Czech Republic

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Product range and use

We make more than 800 webbing types a year. Our webbings are extremely useful especially in the following applications:

  • sports (climbing, paragliding, hang-gliding, ballooning, water sports, winter sports, ...),
  • safety and protection (military, police, fire-fighting equipment , work safety products),
  • health (orthesis, rescue harnesses, ...),
  • pet and equestrian products (collars, leashes, harnesses for dog-teams, headstalls, lead lines, reins, horse blanket bindings, ...),
  • gardening (wicks, webbings for binding trees, ...),
  • textile and shoes (rucksacks, bags, cases, covers, sports sandals, ...),
  • furniture (upholstery of seats, deck-chairs, sledges, webbings for handling, ...),
  • auto-moto (webbings for helmets, car safety belts, ...),
  • transport and carrying (webbings for car covers, lifting and cargo fastening belts, ...),
  • promotion (webbings for key-straps, for printing, ...),
  • webbings for trimmings.

Materials used

Natural materials:

Cotton and jute - they are popular for their native look and good suction capacity.
Colours - jute we have raw, cotton we have raw white and the colours are available upon request.

Rubber - woven into cotton or synthetic webbings because of antisplip effect (e.g. webbings for dog leashes, lead lines for horses, holsters).

Synthetic materials:

Polypropylene - tenacious, water-proof, wide colour range with high colour stability (the material is spun-dyed) and it has a low density too.
Colours - see, please, our colour card.

Polyamide - tenacious, resistant to abrasion, wide colour range with a high colour stability (the material is spun-dyed), a good cross tenacity after heat fixing.
Colours - see, please, our colour card.

Polyester - tenacity and thermostability, resistant to acids, alkalis and photodegradation, an excellent abrasive resistance, a good cross tenacity after heat fixing.
Colours - we use mainly black and raw white. Other colour are available upon request.

Dyneema® - high tenacity, low elongation, low density, low melting point.
Colour - white.

Acrylic - vey good suction capacity and adhesion.
Colour - black.

Reflective tape - woven into webbings to increase safety of people (webbings for shoes, clothing, bags, rucksacks, ...) and animals (pet products).

We can offer other materials upon request - e.g. Technora®,Twaron®, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Vectran®.

The material selection depends on the intended purpose, on the requested webbing parameters and on the economical aspects.

Webbing parameters

We can make you webbings with the following parameters:

  • width: 4 - 115 mm,
  • thickness: 0,3 - 4,5 mm,
  • breaking strength: up to 55.000 N,
  • construction: plain, twilled, tubular, multilayer.

Colours and designs

The webbings can be:

For production we use entirely spun-dyed materials which positively affects the colour stability of the webbings. Here you can see our actual polypropylene and polyamide colour card. We can send you the desired card upon request by post too. Another colours are possible but it depends on the demanded quantity.


Webbing treatments

To improve the physio-chemical features of webbings, synthetic fibres can be heat-fixed; washed in a bath, which incrases their stiffness, smoothness and abrasive resistance; or washed in a bath for an anti-static finish.



We can delivery the webbings as follows:

  • in rolls (usually per 50 or 100 m),
  • on carton bobbins (e.g. PAD and Dyneema express webbings),
  • on carton tubes (e.g. PAD and Dyneema express webbings),
  • freely laid in paper bags or cartons,
  • else according to customer´s needs.

Packaging units may contain cut-offs and marked defects. The maximum number of cut-offs and marked defects in one packaging unit is given in our company norm.


Post-production processing

According to customer´s needs it is possible for us:

  • to cut webbing to pieces of certain length,
  • to seal the webbing ends (for webbings from synthetic materials),
  • to make loops, sew various snaphooks, clips, buckles and others in.

Customer service

Whether you are a current or potential customer, please, feel free to ask questions, make enquiries, and offer suggestions during your visit to our company, or by letter, phone, fax or e-mail. We will reply to you as quickly as possible, as we are here to serve you.