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Trimmings – are used especially for binding of various textile goods, as are rucksacks, bags, harnesses, paragliding seats, wings, parachutes, shoes, clothing, sports nets, flags, horse blankets, etc. They can be used also for the production of advertising goods (key straps with printing), as loops, for fixating trees ...


Trimmings are usually very thin and smooth and they have lower breaking strength than common webbings. They are often made from finer materials. As for the weaving construction they are usually plain or twilled, but they can be also multilayer. Trimmings can be made from various materials, in various widths and colours according to customer´s needs. The most used materials are polypropylene, polyester and polyamide.

The most demanded trimmings from polypropylene, polyester and polyamide in widths 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 mm usually in black colour we have on stock. Minimal order quantity from stock is 1 roll per 50 or 100 m. There are many more other types of trimmings in our products range, that can be made per order in requested width or colour. We will be glad to send you our samples with prices if you are interested.
If you don´t find a usable trimming in our offer, we can also make a new trimming for you.