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Korab 133
666 01 Tisnov
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 549 415 783
Phone: +420 549 410 100 (switchboard)
Fax: +420 549 410 462
GSM: +420 722 815 714
(sales department)

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Each year we make new webbing types and new designs of our own.
In case you haven´t found a suitable webbing in our range or if you would like to have your own design we are ready to make it for you.

For your imagination we can make the webbings:

How to make a new webbing:

  1. You tell us how the webbing should look like - we need to know especially which parameters are important for you (e.g. breaking strength, material type), the purpose of use, estimated order quantity after making a sample. We need to know the height and the length of the design and the space between 2 repetitions. Take, please, into account that minimal order quantity for production (after the sample is ready) is standardly 3.000 m (exceptionally after agreement we can make 1.000 m, but for a higher price).
  2. We let you know if we can make the required webbing (design), estimated price and we make a design preview in a special programm (for a complicated design).

  3. If you agree you send us your binding order for making a sample. The minimum quantity of a sample is about 50 m but we can make more upon request. Making a sample costs a single charge of 60,- EUR plus you pay for the quantity of the sample. Making a sample takes about 4 weeks. It depends on the actual capacity utilization and the material availability. You will get the technical parameters of the sample with the sample, where are preliminary data. Technical data sheet can be issued after the first real production.
  4. You get and test the sample and then you can send us your order for the first production. We confirm you the delivery date in a week.