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Sports - some webbing is used in nearly any of them. We can offer especially webbings with high breaking strength, which are also stable in hard climatic conditions.

Examples of use:

Climbing - is one of the sports where the webbings are used most. The webbings have to be durable, with a high breaking strength, fashionable and lightweight at the same time. Mainly polyamide webbings are used there because they have higher elongation. We can offer you webbings and trimmings for harnesses, webbings for express slings (from polyamide and Dyneema too). We can make you a webbing according to your needs as for the material, construction, width, thickness, breaking strength or design. 

Speleology - cavemen use the same equipment as climbers, i.e. harnesses, express webbings.

, hang-gliding - high durability and low elongation are the most important parameters of webbings. So mainly polyester webbings and trimmings are used there for production of harnesses, gliders, risers, bags, etc.

Kiting – nowadays very popular sport for free time. You can kite with ski, snowboard, surfboard, bike, etc. Webbings are used for harnesses that join the kite and the man.

Ballooning – offers one of the nicest view on the country. Webbings make one of the main part of the balloon.

Slacklining - is quite a new way how to make fun and relax as it requires a great concentration. It is very popular among young people. Balancing, walking on the webbing between two trees or rocks (soemtimes even hundreads of meters above the ground) is an unforgettable adventure. We can offer you a special polyester webbing with a high breaking strength and low elongation.
slack line

Hiking - very popular sport, which requires good-class equipment: rucksacks, bags, tents, sleeping-bags, shoes, clothes and so on. There are webbings, which guarantee practicalness and usability of the products, in each of this equipment.

Biking - using of webbings is very large in this sport - helmets, bags, rucksacks, etc.

Canoing - webbings are used for the production of life jackets, waterproof bags, helmets and so on.

Diving - webbings are used for belts, bottles´ holders, cases and other useful things.

Yachting - many ways of using webbings are offered.

Fishing - a lot of webbings and trimmings are used for the equipment for fishing - various bags, chairs, clothes, etc.

Poles - for alpine skiing , cross-country skiing, hiking nordic walking.

Sledging - wide polypropylene webbings are used for uphoslery of the seat.

Grass skiing - requires very durable webbing.

Games - webbings are used for production of bags for various equipment, for trimming of sporting nets, etc.