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Korab 133
666 01 Tisnov
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 549 415 783
Phone: +420 549 410 100 (switchboard)
Fax: +420 549 410 462
GSM: +420 722 815 714
(sales department)

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Company building 1938
continues in a long-time family tradition of manufacturing webbings. It all started in 1842 when an ancestor of Mouka´s family - Mr. Frantisek Mouka - began a rope-making workshop in Tisnov. Mainly cords and ropes for agriculture and industry in the beginning and gradually nets and webbings began being produced there.

Great development occured during the years 1900 - 1940 when the firm was run by Mr. Antonin Mouka. In these years the production area was enlarged and mechanization and advanced technology were introduced.

In 1940 the firm was taken over by Mr. Jiri Mouka, the father of the present owner.

After Nationalization in 1948 the factory belonged in sequence to several state-owned firms, but the webbings production was maintained.

The company 2008In 1992, Mouka´s family regained ownership of the firm. A global reorganization took place and much investment was made in this very progressive facility. The firm has bought new needle looms, including jacquard ones, from a well-known Swiss company Jakob Muller.

The firm successfully completed its quality control system according to the ISO 9001 certificate in 1999 as an important step to its further development.

Presently our company has about 40 employees among whom are skilled specialists who have been working here for many years. Most of the production is exported directly or through our customers´ products to the whole world. The firm hopes for specific relationships with the customers, thereby creating unique designs and webbing types.