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Korab 133
666 01 Tisnov
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 549 415 783
Phone: +420 549 410 100 (switchboard)
Fax: +420 549 410 462
GSM: +420 722 815 714
(sales department)

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Winter holiday

01.11.2017 02:57

Dear customers,

 we would like to inform you that we are closed for winter holiday  22.12.2017 -1.1.2018.

We can despatch (to forwarder) your orders on Tuesday 19.12. at the latest.

First despatch will be during 1st week 2018 - from Wednesday 3rd January to forwarder.

 Take, please, this info into account when planning your future orders which you like to take from stock before Christmas or in the early beginning of next year.


Our current delivery time according the customer´s orders (not from stock) is 4-10 working weeks (it depens on the kind of webbing).

When you plan to take the webbing even in January, please, send us your orders as soon as possible.

Thank you.



Certificate ISO

17.10.2017 07:07

Dear customers,

the recertification according the amendment of standard ISO has been passed in our company



New webbings - September 2017

07.09.2017 03:00

Dear customers,

we have prepared the new collection of multicoloured polypropylene webbings in 25 mm width for you.

For now we have limited quantities of these webbings, samples, on stock. And we are going to produce them according your interest later. The price is 0,36 EUR/m (without tax, EXW Tišnov).

We are looking forward to your orders.

Type 375 479 - design "leaves" 

Type 375 480 - design "fish"

Type 375 481 - design "paws" 

Type 375 482 - design "chestnuts" 

Type 375 483 - design "cross"

Type 375 484 - design "liane"

Type 375 485 - design "windmills"

New webbings - June 2017

28.06.2017 12:50

Dear customers,

we glad to offer you new colours from stock - raw white in 10 mm width and popular  purple/violet/ in 40 and 50 mm:

Type 325 007 - width 10mm raw white NEW

Type 325 013 - width 40 mm and 50 mm purple/violet NEW

New webbings - March 2017

10.03.2017 08:00

Dear customers,

we have on stock this dark blue colour version again, width 60mm, type 315 015 .


New webbings - September 2016

09.09.2016 01:16

 Dear customers,

we have prepared new colours of webbings for the upholstery and for the sledge seats in  60mm width, type 315 015


 and cotton/polypropylene webbings widths 60 and 80 mm, type 361 012.


New webbings - May 2016

23.05.2016 01:03


Dear customers,

we would like to offer you a new colour variant of polypropylene webbings "dogs" in 25 mm width -  type 375 465

New webbings - February 2016

17.02.2016 08:43

Dear customers,

we glad to offer your two new colour variants of new webbing width 25 mm, type 375 467.  


2012 - let´s celebrate!

31.08.2012 10:42

Dear business friends,

this year we celebrate 170th anniversary (1842 - 2012) from the beginning of the tradition
of producing webbings and also 20th anniversary (1992 - 2012) from regaining
ownership of the company by Mouka´s family.

We would like to thank you all for the up to now cooperation and we would like
to assure you that we are still ready to be your reliable partner for the production
and development of your products.

Webbings for energy absorbers

31.08.2012 08:59

Newly we can offer you webbings that are used to absorb energy during fall:

1) webbing for energy absober for via ferrata - comply with the norm EN 958,
2) webbing for energy absober for personal protective equipment - comply with the norm EN 355.

We are ready to send you samples for testing if you are interested.

INNOVATION - special webbings´ treatments and dyeing of PES webbings

15.08.2011 10:00

Newly we can offer you:

  • many different webbings´ treatments including special ones, like e.g. flame retardant (usable for fire-fighting equipment, military equipment, aircraft industry, automotive industry, etc.), water repellent, antibacterial and others,
  • dyeing of polyester webbings - the advantage (compared to webbings made of spun-dyed polyester) is mainly lower minimum quantity (3.000 m per colour), lower price, higher breaking strength and wider colour range.
    We can make you upon order a polyester webbing with required parameters (breaking strength, width, thickness, ...) in a desired colour.